Four weeks to go

The weeks are flying by and our furlough/home assignment is fast approaching, and of course the wedding! Excitement is building as the time draws closer. We are looking forward to the wedding and to getting to know Haley’s family, whom we have not met yet. (Hopefully after meeting us they will still let her marry Paddy!) As you can imagine we are busy finalizing plans and getting things sorted this end. We have been to the US embassy to renew passports, getting doctor and dentist and orthodontist visits in, and a myriad of other details, as well as preparing for visiting churches and groups.

IMG_9070 - Version 3

Our itinerary is taking shape, though there are still dates to be scheduled/confirmed.

Please do get in touch if your church/group would like us to come, or if you would like to host an event in your home. Or if you live near any of the places we are visiting and would simply like to meet up, we would love to see you!

We are really looking forward to being there and seeing many of you. We long to hear what God has been teaching you and revealing to you of Himself, and what you are struggling with. Our hope and prayer is that we can encourage your hearts, and be encouraged by you. As we share together we hope that you will be re-envisioned in your own mission to those around you, and that we will return to Ireland in September with renewed enthusiasm for the new things God is leading us into.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, for your thoughts, prayers and support.

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