The Mustard seed Project

Each Monday night members of the mustard seed project head on to the streets of Dublin to demonstrate Jesus love to the homeless. For the past few months now I have had the privilege of going out on the streets with the mustard seed team. Each week we bring Pot Noodles, Hot tea, Soup, Sandwiches, Gloves, Hats, and Sleeping Bags.  it is a great opportunity  to pray and share the gospel and bring hope to the desperate. Please pray for the homeless and the mustard seed project.

Last night it was very cold, windy, snowy, raining and wet. It is heartbreaking meeting so many on the streets. It always distresses the team when we meet young children out so late when they should be tucked up safe in their bed asleep. Pray for a mother and her young son that she and her son would get proper accommodation. There are lots of tough and heartbreaking stories each week. Please pray for the team especially for those who can be understandably affected by some of the situations we come across. Last night it was very challenging as it was so cold and wet.

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