October update

Hi everyone,

Marriage Course

We are coming up to the fourth week in the Marriage Course. We have 6 couples doing the course this time. The sessions are going quite well; couples seem to be really talking through things together, and everyone seems to be getting a lot out of it. Next week’s topic is The Power of Forgiveness, so this could be a key week to pray for the couples. We are using a local youth center this time, and despite some initial hitches (i.e. no heating), it’s working out well now. Thank you for praying for the marriage course we ran over the summer. The entire course went very well, and all of the participants have said that it was hugely beneficial to their marriages. Please continue to pray for the present course, that it would a time of God working in the marriage of each couple.

Youth Ministry

We started off our regular cell meetings for the autumn this week. We are still a very small group, only six teens in the Lucan congregation. For the next few weeks we will be basing the Bible time on the passages taught on the previous Sunday morning. Pray for the teens as they think through ways of reaching out in their schools and communities. For three of the teens (Patrick and Julie included), this will be their last year in youth group. So do pray that it is a year of solidifying their commitment, and continuing to develop their gifts and leadership potential. Tomorrow night (Saturday) there is a Gala banquet for the teens in all three congregations, as a start-off event to this school year. Also, we are in the process of hiring a youth worker for the three congregations. Three applicants were interviewed this week. Pray for the right person to be hired.

More Ministry

Philip has been working with a few others on the development of the next Sunday Morning teaching series for the three congregations. They are also developing worksheets for cell leaders to use, to focus on the same passage for the weekly cell. The series is on the “I Am” statements of Jesus, and through these will touch on many issues in Irish society. The series will have a strongly evangelistic focus, contrasting the way of Jesus with what we often see around us in contemporary culture. Please pray that people will invite friends, and that they will hear and respond to the message of Jesus. Philip will be teaching next week on Jesus as the bread of life.

Martha attended a women’s conference last week with over a hundred other women from Trinity church. It was a good time of teaching, fellowship, and ministry, and very significant for many of the women attending. Philip will be attending a 2 day conference later this month in Dublin.

Overseeing the pastoral needs of the congregation continually stretches us, as we deal with such a range of issues and problems and difficult times in peoples lives. Pray for continual wisdom and insight from the Holy Spirit for us. Also as we try to reach out in our community. Our immediate neighbourhood was rocked last weekend by another tragic death, this time of a young mother of four. Please pray much for a lifting of the spiritual darkness over Celbridge.


School and after school activities are keeping us all busy. It’s the final and most difficult and important year of school for Patrick and Julie. (They are in the same year in school now as Patrick did an optional extra year). Last year of home schooling for Brian as he will go to secondary school next year (jr-sr high). He also starts attending classes this Saturday at Dublin City University in the Centre for Talented Youth in Ireland. Colm continues to do well in the little primary school he attends, Scott is still home schooled, and Sarah teaches us all! Brian, Colm and Scott have started swimming lessons, Colm, Scott and Patrick are both still playing football, Julie is doing piano and has started singing lessons. And both she and Patrick are playing rugby at school (though not, thankfully, on the same team!)

Please do pray for our children’s health and safety. In the middle of writing this I have had to stop to bring Colm to the doctor as his asthma had been triggered by a cold and sore throat and the inhaler was not providing enough relief. Patrick has missed several days of school this week with sinus and sore throat. This time of year is very bad for asthma and colds here. Please pray that our overall health improves and that we aren’t facing into another winter of long bouts of illness.


You may be aware that the dollar as it its lowest ever against the euro. For us, every time the dollar goes down it is like a pay cut, as we get ever less euros for our dollar check. Please pray that our support increases if we are to continue in ministry here. Thank you so much to each of you who do support us faithfully, and who hold us up in prayer.

In the Love of Jesus

Phil, Martha, Patrick, Julie, Brian, Colm, Scott and Sarah.