No Regrets

The video clip below is not meant as a guilt trip, I was just thinking to myself about the past year as one does at this time of the year. I was thinking about all the things I had planned to do last year and if I had any regrets about those plans that did not happen. And are they things I should fret over, are they things I should pursue, are they what God has called me to do? But it is a very difficult way to gauge a successful year thinking like this. Most of my plans are not what is most important. They are not what I am called to fret over or give my life over to. Maybe the way to gauge a successful year is by asking the question; Am I more like Jesus than I was last year? Am I following His lead? Am I still seeking His kingdom and His righteousness?

May God bless you in this coming year, and may He show you what is most important for you to pursue and also avoid in this coming year. May you have no regrets.

Please do take time and watch this video clip.

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