March update

March has been an eventful month here with St Patrick’s Day and Easter falling within the same week. Celbridge had a very nice parade this year, which even included a high school marching band from the US. Colm, Scott, and Phil all marched with the football (soccer) club. It was a nice sunny day, though cold. We were amazed at the size of the crowd- the population of Celbridge has really grown. There have been so many new houses built, and more planned.

We have both felt a need to refocus more of our time and energy in Celbridge again. One specific thing we’ve decided to do is to meet with other Christians living in Celbridge, who may be attending various churches around Dublin or Kildare to pray together for the needs in Celbridge. We have another couple living in our housing estate who are committed to kicking this off with us. We’ve planned the first one for the second Sunday evening in April, so please join us in prayer for Celbridge!

Easter Sunday we once again had a visitor’s Sunday in the Lucan church which went well. At this stage we have a few people who attend every year. The gospel message was presented very clearly. Please pray that the word which people heard will take root in their lives.

We have a few new people who are attending since the Christmas carol service. Liam is a classmate of Patrick’s who is an atheist. He comes every Sunday, asks Phil loads of intellectual questions. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch his heart and open his eyes to the truth that is Jesus. Margaret has been a Christian awhile but has not had much teaching. She is soaking up the Sunday morning teaching and has joined a cell group. Her husband also comes on Sundays. He is not yet a believer but seems very close. Please pray for this lovely couple.

Youth cell is going very well. It’s a great little group. It’s great to see them individually growing in their walk, and also growing together in their commitment to each other, and challenging each other. Jon, an American missionary with Greater Europe mission, has been helping lead the group, and is a great asset.

Patrick and Julie are in the final stretch in school now, with state exams in June. These exams are the sole determinant for college entry, with some programs being extremely competitive, so this is a critical time for them. Please be praying for them as they study and make final choices regarding which courses to apply for.

We are planning a trip back to the US this summer, after all the exams! We will be there for the month of July and the first week of August. (We have to be back in Ireland for mid-August as the offers of college places are given then and must be accepted or declined). As it will be a shorter than usual visit, and we need to raise a substantial amount of support, we will need to pack a lot of speaking engagements into a short time. If you or your church would be interested in learning about how to start supporting our ministry, please contact us soon so we can set up dates.

This year is horrible for us financially, with the dollar at its weakest ever in our experience. Our monthly support is now not enough to pay monthly bills, with nothing over for food and gas. Phil has been doing some part time work which helps some. Please pray about this situation, which is becoming critical. As always, thank you so much for praying and giving.

May His grace, peace and love be with you all