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This 4 minute video is a tool to inspire leaders, churches and ministries with the story of what God is doing across the world. Use it as part of a training presentation, in your church or at a missions conference. It is designed to think about the big picture of children in the Bible and across the world, without shying away from the challenges that our children are facing.You can download the full version here. It is free, enjoy.

Francis Chan: Following Jesus

Verge Missional Community Conference 2010 Main Session
Francis Chan: Following Jesus
What does it look like to follow Jesus into mission? Is God really up to something? What is the Great Commission all about? All these questions and more Francis Chan wrestles through in this video entitled Following Jesus.?

Francis Chan: Following Jesus [VERGE 2010 Main Session] from Verge Network on Vimeo.

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Letting Go of the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure paralyzes too many people.

I’ve found one of the best gifts God can give a leader is the gift of failure.

Too many of us are not doing what we feel called to do because we’re afraid to fail.

As I observe the people around me, it seems the most effective have failed far more times than the least effective.

The people making the biggest impact seem to:1660111538_99e37f5d99_o2

1)  Try something outlandish.

2)  Fail.

3)  Learn.

4)  Adjust.

5)  Try something that works better.

Failure is never final. It is often the first step to success.

If you haven’t failed in awhile, why don’t you try something crazy and see what happens.

by Craig Groeschel.