Study Ephesians for one year with me (February)

Continuing our year long study of the book of Ephesians for February:

Each month, read the entire letter of Ephesians through at least once.

You may choose to read the whole book in one day or over several days.
As you read, pay attention to the study guidelines listed with each month.
Use a notebook to write down your observations and then pray in response to what you have seen.
Share your observations and bless us by leaving a comment.

February 2010

  • Read: All of EphesiansWrite:
  • List references to the people of God.

e.g. Eph. 1:1 “God’s holy people”; Eph. 1:23 “his body”

  • Pray: Pray for the local and global church to seek God’s will and hear his voice.

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