Become a Ministry Partner

There are many ways to donate to Phil and Martha’s ministry

Donations sent to Emmanuel & Associates are tax deductible.

If you would like to donate through the Paypal above your gift would not be tax deductable. if you require a receipt for tax purposes, please send your gift to:

Philip and Martha Matthews
C/o Emmanuel and Associates
P.O. Box 483
Brandon, MS 39043

Much of Phil and Martha’s work is supported financially by churches and individual donors who make regular monthly gifts. If the Lord is leading you to support the work in Ireland, Please consider making a monthly faith promise by downloading one of the forms at the bottom of this page and sending it in with your gift.

A Big thank you to all of you who partner with us. It’s a privilege to serve the Lord here in Ireland. We are filled with thanks to the Father as you help supply our needs and make this ministry possible. Thank you for standing with us.

Give through your bank’s On-line Bill Pay Service
Online Bill Pay offered by your bank
Save time, stamps and trips to the mailbox with your own bank’s Online Bill Pay service. Use it to make a one-time gift or schedule a repeating gift. Online Bill Pay is dependable and safe. Your donation will be sent on the dates you schedule.

Many banks offer On-line Bill Pay, which allows you to make monthly donations on-line. To get started simply go to your bank’s web site and click on the billpay service page and follow your bank’s instructions. This is an easy, convenient way to make a one-time or monthly gift to Phil and Martha.
Donations should be sent to:

Philip and Martha Matthews
C/o Emmanuel and Associates
P.O. Box 483
Brandon, MS 39043

You can also set up a Direct Debit (ACH Debits) with Emmanual & Associates, our missions organization. Direct Debit is economical, safe, and efficient. With it you can save time and the inconvenience of writing and mailing monthly checks. The Debit service is completely voluntary. You may change or end your agreement at any time by sending a written request to Emmanuel and Associates. Direct Debit simplifies your giving and it is a free service for monthly partners.

There are many advantages to using Direct Debit:

  • Your gift won’t be delayed, lost in the mail, or accidentally
    forgotten – even if you are away from home.
  • It helps you budget and track your monthly giving.
  • It eliminates monthly check-writing, postage fees, and administrative
    costs associated with sending monthly receipts.
  • Direct Debit is not a legally binding promise to give. It is easy to
    start, change, or stop.

To get started simply:

  • Download the Authorization Form. or Electronic Funds Transfer form.
  • Along with your completed form, include a voided check from the bank
    you wish to use. This will give us the necessary banking information to
    begin the Debit service.
  • Mail a completed form and your check to:
    Emmanuel and Associates
    P.O. Box 483
    Brandon, MS 39043


Electronic Funds Transfer
Direct Debit Authorization Form
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