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We were married in 1987 in the US and lived there for six years, returning to live in Ireland in 1994. Philip is originally from Drogheda in County Louth, Ireland. Philip has a MA in applied theology from the Irish Bible Institute in Dublin. Martha is from Western New York and is a graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute in Upstate New York. We are blessed with six children, Patrick, Julia, Brian, Colm, Scott and Sarah.

We have been disciple making in the greater Dublin area for over 20 years, working with local churches through church planting, church planter coaching, leadership training, small group development, community involvement, helping families and the homeless in the inner city, personal and small group discipleship and mentoring, prayer initiatives, and recently working on the Simply Multiply seminar/workshop.

We have had the privilege of serving here through many ups and downs and always seeing first hand God’s kingdom advance in Ireland. We are grateful to God for allowing us to be part of this adventure and for our faithful prayer and financial supporters who have joined us in these efforts through the years.

Our desire is to help develop local communities of people who seek to know and follow Jesus, and to help people experience a true and transforming relationship with Jesus daily. We want to help and encourage every follower to be a fisher (Matthew 4:19).

IMG_8224 - Version 2PHIL: Reading, Music, Oil Painting, Movies, Coaching Soccer, Hiking (when I get a chance), Astronomy, Bodyboarding and Theology.




IMG_1922 - Version 3MARTHA: Reading, Horses, watching the children play soccer, and Theology.




We are serving with Communitas International , in Dublin Ireland.


2221 E. Arapahoe Rd #3338
Centennial, CO 80161


Den Haag, The Netherlands
RSIN / fiscal number: 8039.53.811

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